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We recognize that the decision to invest with Allure is an important one, especially if this is your first home purchase. We are committed to superior construction and quality throughout, and we are also committing to the durability of your investment. All home buyers are provided with a detailed homeowners manual that provides details on recommendations for the care of and upkeep your home, user guides for appliances and major features and strata information. Our Allure team is also available easily by phone or email to support you and answer any questions. You are always free to contact us.


To provide people that have entrusted their new home buying or investment decision with Allure, we offer comprehensive home warranty to provide peace of mind. Your new home is covered by what is known in the BC residential market as the 2-5-10-year warranty. The warranty is regulated by the Homeowner Protection Office and is supported by Allure’s warranty partner.

Your home owner warranty covers:

- 12 months: Defects in labour and materials
- 2 years: Defects on labour and materials related to the major
delivery and distribution systems (electrical, plumbing, heating,
ventilation and air conditioning)
- 5 years: Building envelope including water ingress
- 10 years: Structure of the building

Please download Homeowner Protection Office Residential Construction Performance Guide and become familiar with your home owner rights. The Guide details the required performance and warranty coverage for new homes in BC. Save the Guide for future reference.