The information provided by Allure on this website and information forwarded by request to you upon completing a Register Now form is intended for general information purposes only. Allure is not intending to depict as-built construction designs or make representation of actual product available for sale. Allure unconditionally reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify, amend, change, add or delete features to architectural and landscape design, floor plans, specifications, materials, finishes, millwork, unit features (such as fixtures and appliances), price offerings, public space amenities and equipment. Any dimensions provided are approximate and for illustrative purposes only and may have been calculated from preliminary survey measurements or drawings. Dimensions upon completion of construction may vary and will be confirmed at the time of any offer for sale. Mirror / reverse / flipped plans may occur in any Allure development and interested parties should refer to the final architectural plans to affirm any decision to purchase. Please ensure to review the disclosure statement thoroughly as to be familiarized with specific offering details.