We are a Family Company
with Family Values

We Live and
Work Here

The founder and ownership group of Allure Ventures Inc. are business leaders that have invested in the Surrey market for years as employers and construction experts. They bring their passion for the neighbourhood that formed their business background to the development projects they are envisioning forward. There is a true community passion and a desire to bring iconic development to the Surrey City Centre. Having participated in the construction of 100’s of millions of square feet of development throughout Canada, the owners bring a vision of large-scale mixed use residential and commercial towers that incorporate the best of what they have learned. Allure is introducing stand out projects to market that any homeowner or investor would be proud to call their own.

Family Values

Allure is a family company that is built on family values. Our promise is embedded in “Our Family Building Your Home”. By that we mean that we are all connected, and it is our obligation to bring to you the quality of construction that we would expect for ourselves. There is no compromise in our way of constructing and it is paramount that we respect not only the quality of construction and materials, but also to keep to the schedules we share. Allure is committed to helping you in your investment decision. We know that this is a major decision, and we will endeavor to ensure your family is right in the choice to put your trust in our family.

Community Focused

Surrey City Centre is destined to be the major urban centre in British Columbia. It is already evident in the scope of market investment and the Surrey City Centre Plan. The City of Surrey has a vision for a new and vibrant downtown core. Allure intends to be major participants in achieving that vision and are highly confident in our ability to make positive contribution. The province is also supporting that edict as transportation links are enhanced to connect the neighborhood to the entire Lower Mainland. Skytrain will be an integral part of the Allure development planning and a central feature of the livability and commercial viability for those that choose an Allure home or investment in Surrey City Centre.