Choose an ecosystem, and not just a home


The world changed post the pandemic.

This is arguably the most overused statement post the Covid-19 pandemic. But it is true. We are not the same anymore, and perhaps will never be. Society has changed, and lifestyles have followed suit. We have never had so many people working from home partly or fully. We also have never seen so many getting serious about health and fitness. It is not about looking good or being fit anymore. It is about being prepared. Once you have seen the worst, you are never completely relaxed, are you? Thus, when people look at apartments for sale, or townhouse presales today, they are not looking for either a good location, or a peaceful neighbourhood, or superior interiors, rather all of them. Given how expensive it has become to purchase a home, and the new realities they face post Covid, buyers are more discerning, unwilling to put money in something they aren’t entirely convinced of.

The city of Surrey, in British Columbia, is one of Canada’s most competitive real estate markets. Bereft of the geographical constraints of the Burrard peninsula, Lulu Island, and the North Shore, Surrey is the west coast’s boomtown as far as large-scale residential developments go. Within the larger Metro Vancouver region, Surrey presales comfortably outnumber developments in other regions. It is no surprise thus, that it is in Surrey that developers have started developing not just condos, and townhouses, but entire ecosystems.

So, what do I mean by eco-systems?

SkyLiving’s skypark will be the residents’ shared backyard.

If one looks at some of the most sought-after Surrey developments right now, the one thing that becomes apparent is that developers are not just building a condo, they are more intent on building a living experience. While amenities like common entertainment rooms, and gymnasiums were rare luxuries earlier in Surrey real estate, they are today the norm; and as developers have found out, nowhere near enough.

Despite one of the most well-known developers in Surrey, Allure Ventures’ projects went live only post pandemic. Which means, from the very start, Allure had an idea what a new world would look like, and what the new age buyer had in their minds. Accordingly, Allure Ventures was intent on not just building homes, but an entire eco-system for the residents of its developments, places where one would find everything necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

The impact of such thinking is there for all to see in The Grand on King George, which is nearing completion, and SkyLiving, the next futuristic project on the anvil. Both these projects are loaded with common amenities, with care being taken to build lavish public spaces which all residents could enjoy equally whenever they chose. Just like The Grand, SkyLiving incorporates the concept of sky park, but instead of making a token effort of it, takes it to a whole new level, with a proper jogging track, children’s playing area, open air theatre, barbeque pits, pizza oven, open dining spaces and much more. So, if someone wants to “enjoy outdoors”, without intending to step out, they can. It provides a safe space for residents, especially children, and adds to the charm of living in a place like SkyLiving.


SkyLiving will have a full sized, residents’ exclusive gym on its premises


Similarly, interconnected shared workspaces have been included in both developments, with the idea that if someone wants to work from home without actually “working from home” or if someone’s home situation does not accord that luxury, they can work out of one of these shared workspaces.

Earlier in this blog, I had mentioned how gymnasiums have increasingly become s standard feature in the newer condo developments in Surrey. However, the best Surrey presales have not been hesitant in going that extra yard. At Sky Living for instance, there is not only a fully equipped gym, but there is also a pilates, and yoga room, a first for development in the region.  Again, it is not simply a fancy add on, but a hat tip to new realities and lifestyles..

As societies evolve, and condo living becomes the norm, replacing the car dependent single family Levittown neighbourhoods, backyards will be replaced by sky parks and gardens, a drive to Diary Queen might become a walk, and dinners might often be a barbeque with your neighbours. And if such is the future, the homes of tomorrow must follow suit.


NB: All images are artistic renderings of the project.